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n.1.(Hind. Myth.) A deity; a divine being; a good spirit; an idol.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Gajanana, Mahaganapati, Vighnaharta, Shivapriya, Purana Purusha,Vishnupriyaya, Samasta Devata Murtaye are few of them.
If you want to be a little on-trend, you can use the neon orange 'Devata' all over the lid to complement a peachy lip.
According to Nagesh Devata, General Manager for Southeast Asia cross-border markets for Paypal, the Philippines, e-commerce is multilateral.
(15) Kirit Mankodi, 'The Case for Devata Mahakoka from Bharhut (2016) Vol.
"Freelancers represent a growing and increasingly influential segment of the work force that is vital to the economic engine of the Philippines," said Nagesh Devata, General Manager for PayPal Southeast Asia Cross-Border Trade.
In Mes Aynak, Tepe Narenji, and eventually also in Fondukistan and at Tepe Sardar, north Afghanistan, where unburnt painted clay was the preferred material for sculptures, a coat of calcined lime plaster or gypsum (not unknown in early Gandhara and Bactria and found as a minor substance in a technically analysed Hund male devata) might have been used for surface layers.
Namely, the PS recognizes ksa as a conjunct, but ascribes to it an appropriately conjunct deity--the man-lion avatar of Visnu (ksakaras tena samjato nrsimhas tasya devata).
The event drew registrants of all ages from Lisle to Dundee, including 74-year-old Oak Brook resident Apparao Devata.
Devata et al, A Ban on Ban-the-Box Laws?: Indiana and Texas Introduce
But it also serves as an art gallery, showcasing Sothea's paintings and sculptures, including his hemp and metal-fashioned sculpture Devata, which was previously displayed at the Alliance Francaise in Bangkok.
Thus, Nepal is the land of the origin of Vedic civilization, a tapobhoomiof Maharsis, kingdom of devata, a devbhoomi.