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n.1.(Zool.) The European swift.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He completed eight of 12 passes for 75 yards, including an 18-yarder to Ryan Izzo that set up a one-yard touchdown by James Develin.
Cornerback Kyle Fuller got his third interception in two games, when he intercepted a Tom Brady pass that was deflected by intended receiver fullback James Develin and Bears safety Adrian Amos with the Bears trailing 38-24 with 6:24 remaining.
But Brady connected with James Develin to pick up a first down to help run down the clock.
No obstante, hoy dia casi todos los estudiosos de la prosopografia ateniense niegan tal identificacion (Develin, 1988, p.
Williams, Effectively fullback steve Develin work just like take advantage of Gronkowski.
Fullback James Develin grew up outside Philadelphia but played college football at Brown University in Providence.
"I am overjoyed at this generous gift from the Pitts Family Foundation that honors our distinguished graduate and my very good friend, Kay Pitts," said Joan Develin Coley, Ph.D., who recently completed her term of service as president to Notre Dame.
For our purposes we adopt the definition 3.4 used in (Guterman, 2009, Section 3) and in Cuninghame-Green and Butkovic (2004), but see also Develin et al.
It is a personal reflection from the director of financial services at the Network Housing Group (NHG), based in north London, who is championing the sort of changes needed, and a management consultancy (Develin Consulting) that is helping to equip NHG's finance staff for the task ahead.
(6) Raubitschek asserted that 'the addition Andronymios means only that Laispodias was a proper name.' (7) However, since the publication of Develin's article, the patronymic [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], genitive of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII];, has been widely accepted.
Evidence suggests that a client who is able to set their own goals, and identify and monitor them, has an increased chance of making life-style changes that they can maintain (Milat, O'Hara, & Develin, 2009).