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(dĕv′ə-ro͞o′), Robert. Second Earl of Essex 1566?-1601.
English nobleman and favorite of Elizabeth I. He was executed for treason after attempting to incite the people of London to rebellion.


(Biography) Robert. See (2nd Earl of) Essex11


(ˈdɛv əˌru)

Robert, 2nd Earl of Essex, 1566–1601, English statesman, soldier, and courtier of Queen Elizabeth I.
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His mother was a Devereux, Lady Margaret Devereaux.
She was an extraordinarily beautiful girl, Margaret Devereux, and made all the men frantic by running away with a penniless young fellow-- a mere nobody, sir, a subaltern in a foot regiment, or something of that kind.
"Margaret Devereux was one of the loveliest creatures I ever saw, Harry.
But neither bent the knee, for the young bridegroom replied in a tone that startled all listeners as the mask fell, disclosing the noble face of Ferdinand Devereux, the artist lover, and leaning on the breast where now flashed the star of an English earl was the lovely Viola, radiant with joy and beauty.
I can do more, for even your ambitious soul cannot refuse the Earl of Devereux and De Vere, when he gives his ancient name and boundless wealth in return for the beloved hand of this fair lady, now my wife.
Frederick's first-born, Frederick Augustus Howard Stanley Devereux Bullock, was born, old Osborne, who was invited to the christening and to be godfather, contented himself with sending the child a gold cup, with twenty guineas inside it for the nurse.
'Astrophel' is a fanciful half-Greek anagram for the poet's own name, and Stella (Star) designates Lady Penelope Devereux, who at about this time married Lord Rich.
Colin Devereux, 52, was sentenced to 22 months in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of illegal money lending.
Colin Devereux, 52, charged victims up to 40 per cent interest on loans, as far back as August 2011.
That was despite pleas from Ken Devereux, of Billingham-based Devereux Transport and Distribution, who said Hambleton Council needed to show more consideration to drivers.
Lee Devereux, 37, of Vallance Road, Anfield, accused Lisa Ellis of going on a date with another man.
"I was a 19-year-old sports science student at South Glamorgan Institute and we had drawn Cardiff in the Welsh Cup," beamed Devereux, as he showed me hundreds of photographs during a fascinating chat over coffee in Pencoed.