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Used to express mild annoyance or impatience.

[From pl. of fiddlestick, bow for playing a fiddle.]


(ˈfɪd lˌstɪks)

(used to express annoyance.)


[ˈfɪdlstɪks] EXCL¡tonterías!


interj (= nonsense)Unsinn, Quatsch (inf); (= bother)du liebe Zeit, du liebes Lottchen (hum inf)


[ˈfɪdlˌstɪks] excl (old) fiddlesticks!sciocchezze!
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They will have a facilitated play session with diabolos, juggling balls, scarves, hula hoops, plate spinning, devil sticks and monster feet before getting the chance to climb and teach them trapeze and aerial skills is a safe and supportive environment.
When: Wednesday to Friday, April 3 to 5 What: Join the Circus for nine- to 13-year-olds with big top bravados Cathie Sprague and Mark Taylor learning diablo, devil sticks, juggling, stilt-walking and unicycling.
Including juggling, diablos, unicycles, spinning plates, devil sticks, hula hoops and skipping from 11am-4pm.
The clowns will also be performing skills with devil sticks, poi, spinning plates, juggling clubs, and many other objects.
Coming from a performing arts background, the performers have added fire swords, hula-hoops, roped, poi, devil sticks, fans and fire breathing.
It was here that we encountered the clowns who were using two of the most popular elements in our elementary school circus--the Diabolo and Devil Sticks.
Among the disciplines on display at the convention are juggling, poi, diabolo, devil sticks, unicycling, trapeze and glass walking.
The one-hour sessions are led by a professional entertainer, who teaches children how to spin plates, walk on stilts, hula hoop, catch devil sticks and swing the poi.
Yuri and Tonya were on hand to teach children how to use unicycles, walk on stilts and practice with diablo yo yos and devil sticks.
I was really into devil sticks, which is sorta like juggling.
Picking up the devil sticks, he sends them into a helicopter spin.