Devil worship

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worship of the power of evil; - still practiced by barbarians who believe that the good and evil forces of nature are of equal power.
- F. Hardman (Blackw. Mag.).
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The snake in his bosom seemed the symbol of a monstrous egotism to which everything was referred, and which he pampered, night and day, with a continual and exclusive sacrifice of devil worship.
Recently, I met with a group of Indian Hindu expatriates, non-resident Indians, and discussed with them my brief thesis on the Indian culture in a nutshell: cow worship, monkey worship, elephant worship, money worship, devil worship, idol worship, cow urine drinking, polyandry, caste system, widow shaming.
William Cunningham - one of Scotland's most dangerous sex offenders - was also practising devil worship in the garden, neighbours claimed.
According to a Daily Post report from 2011, the house has long been thought to be haunted, with talk of devil worship having taken place at the site in the 1800s.
Then there are the shocking plot summaries that invoke devil worship, satanic children, and haunted real estate
At a Liverpool church in 1992, a priest gave a sermon about dabbling with Devil worship, and later received a bizarre call at midnight.
Trouble is, Carey is beginning to forget where carny ends and crazy devil worship begins--the demons are starting to get too real.
They are often targeted because their worship of a fallen peacock angel, which many equate to devil worship.
On social media people have been speculating about what it all means - with some even suggesting devil worship could be going on
On the other hand, in his chapter "Making Peace with the Devil: The Political life of Devil Worship Rumors in Kenya", James Howard Smith recounts how specific, culturally nuanced ideas about the devil and devil worshippers have been central to governance in Kenya ever since the colonial era.
It flourishes in the minds of a phalanx of Christian fundamentalists, political extremists, bereaved parents, opportunists, and mentally unstable individuals who have become self-appointed experts on Satanism, occult crime, and devil worship.
Bernard Haigh, secretary of Bolsover Civic Society, finds the idea of his home town being a hotbed of devil worship somewhat hilarious.