Devil worship

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worship of the power of evil; - still practiced by barbarians who believe that the good and evil forces of nature are of equal power.
- F. Hardman (Blackw. Mag.).
etc. See under Devil, Fire, Hero, etc.

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The snake in his bosom seemed the symbol of a monstrous egotism to which everything was referred, and which he pampered, night and day, with a continual and exclusive sacrifice of devil worship.
When his former lover is caught up in a national frenzy as the press and the networks rush to judgment, condemning her for child molestation and Devil worship, the Judge feels compelled to step forward to help his old flame, leading her defense in a cut-throat jury trial, and exposing the real story behind the suicide in the maintenance room of The Strand.
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Devil worship has existed in Britain for centuries and 1,893 Satanists were counted in the 2011 census.
The creator of the sculpture, Irtbaatul Hassan, a student of Punjab University College of Arts and Design (PUCAD), says that his artwork was not a depiction of Satan but was a strong comment on the degradation of humans who stop self-reflecting and become immoral, but according to the petitioners, the statue was against cultural and religious sentiments, and encouraged devil worship.
There is devil worship, human sacrifice and possession by demons.
The book describes how religious leaders associated rock music with sin, devil worship, and African paganism and sought to inflame fears of racial contamination and religious impurity as manifested in rock music.
This is the fourth fire incident in the school within a span of five months with some locals and parents alleging "devil worship" by some students as the cause of fire.According to some students who were in the dormitory when the inferno broke out, no one was injured in the blaze.
William Cunningham - one of Scotland's most dangerous sex offenders - was also practising devil worship in the garden, neighbours claimed.
According to a Daily Post report from 2011, the house has long been thought to be haunted, with talk of devil worship having taken place at the site in the 1800s.
Then there are the shocking plot summaries that invoke devil worship, satanic children, and haunted real estate!
Trouble is, Carey is beginning to forget where carny ends and crazy devil worship begins--the demons are starting to get too real.