Devonian age

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(Geol.) the age next older than the Carboniferous and later than the Silurian; - called also the Age of fishes. The various strata of this age compose the Devonian formation or system, and include the old red sandstone of Great Britain. They contain, besides plants and numerous invertebrates, the bony portions of many large and remarkable fishes of extinct groups. See the Diagram under Geology.

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The company continues to believe that the gas charge originates from a carbonate rich marine source rocks, interpreted as of Devonian age in a kitchen area in the central and southern region of the combined Tendrara-Lakbir, Matarka and Anoual permits.
Smith (1976, 1980) and Mayr (1978) noted the presence of brachiopods of possible Early Devonian age from the lowest part of the upper member and suggested an age of Ludlow to earliest Devonian for the lower member and Gedinnian to early Siegenian (Lochkovian--early Pragian) for the upper member.
CA-ID-TIMS U-Pb (zircon) dating yields a late Early to Middle Ordovician age of 467 [+ or -] 7 Ma for the McKiel Lake Granite; late Silurian ages of 423.2 [+ or -] 3.2 Ma and 420.7 + 1.8/2.0 Ma for the Bogan Brook Granodiorite and Nashwaak Granite, respectively; a 419 [+ or -] 0.5 Ma age that straddles the Silurian-Devonian boundary for the Redstone Mountain Granite; Early Devonian ages of 416.1 [+ or -] 0.5 Ma, 415.8 [+ or -] 0.3 Ma, and 409.7 [+ or -] 0.5 Ma for the Beadle Mountain, Juniper Barren, and Lost Lake granites, respectively; and a Late Devonian age of 380.6 [+ or -] 0.3 Ma for the Burnthill Granite.
Pani hora and Tresin 2 are located in areas dominated by limestones of Devonian age in various karst regions (Misar et al., 1983).
--The subduction that consumed the oceanic crust between Chilenia and Gondwana must be located under the Chilenia terrane, considering the presence of pre-collisional deformation affecting granitoids in the Frontal Cordillera, as well as volcanic pebbles within conglomerates of Devonian age.
TURN OVER FOR BRITAIN'S BEST TV GUIDE WE LOVE NATURE THE GREAT BRITISH COUNTRYSIDE BBC1, 8pm OUTNUMBERED and Mock The Week star Hugh Dennis has reached what you might call the Devonian Age in the life cycle of a comedian.
Ancestral horseshoe crabs of Silurian or Devonian age are known from multiple continents (e.g., Stormer, 1955).
A production test has been carried out on reservoirs of Devonian age. A stabilised flow rate of 12,800 cubic meters per hour (10.8 mmscfg per day) was achieved through a 88/64-inch choke.
Shown are bedrock topography and a revision of bedrock geology that include structure and stratigraphic relationships of units from the Stonington Formation of Ordovician age to the Mackinac Breccia of Devonian age. Revisions include changes in formation locations.
If Hartz and his colleagues are right, however, that will raise questions about the Devonian age of other early tetrapods, say paleontologists.
Abundant shelly macrofossils were reported from the limestones of the upper two units by Wilson and Majewske (1960), who indicated a late Early Devonian age (Deerparkian to Onesquethawian).