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n.1.(Meteor.) The temperature at which dew begins to form. It varies with the humidity and temperature of the atmosphere.
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Heating the air, or lowering the dew-point temperature, creates a pressure differential (and a resulting concentration gradient); this causes moisture to diffuse from the plastic to the air.
As the encompassing air gets dried, the dew-point is brought down and the temperature that is maintained on the cool evaporator loop likewise is lowered.
Harriman (3) has pointed out that rather than measuring surface RH conditions, it may be more practical to check the dew-point temperature of the indoor air by measuring the indoor air temperature and RH and determining the corresponding dew-point conditions from a psychrometric chart or available software program.
Their range of dew-point hygrometers are used for a variety of compressed air applications around the world, including compressed air systems, desiccant and rotary wheel dryers, fluid beds, refrigerant membranes and silica gel.
These climatic conditions include dry-bulb, dew-point and wet-bulb temperatures at various frequencies of occurrence, as well as other quantities such as average temperatures and precipitation, heating and cooling degree days, wind conditions, clear sky solar radiation, and others.
It doesn't fall, but rather forms on an exposed surface when that surface becomes colder than the dew-point temperature, which depends on the humidity.
MICHELL Instruments has introduced a new S8000 RS high-precision dew-point hygrometer that enables furnace operators to achieve high standards of finishes and quality of metal products at lower annealing temperatures.
MICHELL Instruments is featuring the latest development of its hydrocarbon and water dew-point analyser, the Condumax II, at Adipec 2012.
Michell Instruments' MDM300 advanced dew-point hygrometer can save engineers weeks of waiting time each year.
The damaged tubes and the lower tube plate showed also traces of the liquid phase indicating that APH had functioned at a temperature lower than the dew-point temperature of flue-gas water steam.
Because belt drives invariably undergo distortion, slippage occurs, causing rotation speed, and thus dew-point performance, to vary from target settings.
The Traceable monitor shows current, minimum and maximum displays and activates a settable high/ low alarm for dew-point, wet-bulb, humidity and temperature readings.