Dewar vessel

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Dew′ar ves`sel

(ˈdu ər, ˈdyu-)
a kind of vacuum bottle used esp. to store liquefied gases.
Also called Dew′ar flask`.
[1900–05; after James Dewar, (1842–1923), Scottish chemist and physicist, its inventor]
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In general cooling system semiconductor detectors are installed in vacuum cryostat which is submerced to Dewar vessel with LN2.
The subject of the public contract is the supply of gases - medical, Technical and special gases, Liquid nitrogen and argon in 230 liter mobile containers, Dewar vessels of 25 - 50 liters, Including rental of cylinders.
In addition to about 10 cryotanks (depending on content and size), the tender includes among others DEWAR vessels, tanks for transport, barcode reader, etc.