Dewey decimal system

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Dewey Decimal System

(Library Science & Bibliography) a frequently used system of library book classification and arrangement with ten main subject classes. Also called: decimal classification Abbreviation: DDS
[C19: named after Melvil Dewey (1851–1931), US educator who invented the system]
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Noun1.Dewey decimal system - a system used by libraries to classify nonfictional publications into subject categories; the subject is indicated by a three-digit numeral and further specification is given by numerals following a decimal point; publications are shelved by number
classification system - a system for classifying things
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BISAC headings also appear in public and school libraries that use the patron-friendly bookstore model instead of the Dewey Decimal System. Since the new BISAC system quickly followed an LGBTQ challenge, Lechtenberg warns OCPL and other libraries to consider "ALA's admonition against labeling as an attempt to prejudice attitudes.
She does not explain formulas for doing so, but instead covers reasons to weed the collection, preparation, and sample guidelines, then how to weed each subject area of the Dewey Decimal System, the reference collection, media, magazines and newspapers, ebooks, and databases, as well as youth collections.
You had to go to the library to look things up, and then you couldn't because the Dewey Decimal System made it impossible to figure out whether Dewey ran for president against FDR, defeated the Spanish navy in the Battle of Manila Bay or invented the Dewey Decimal System.
Other volunteers who are interested in, for instance, helping out in the library would be trained in the Dewey Decimal system.
They learn to navigate the Dewey Decimal System and ask the librarian for information.
Intended primarily for the University of South Africa (Unisa) undergraduate student, this work proceeds from an explanation of the Dewey Decimal System (DDC) to an examination of the formats for providing references using the Harvard method.
The top-rated, luxury library-themed hotel has arranged its floors according to the 10 categories of the Dewey Decimal System -- remember literature, history and math from back in the day?
With the purchase of the Library Bureau, founded in the 1800s by Melvil Dewey--creator of the Dewey Decimal System, as well as library furniture, ModuForm solidified its move into the woodworking marker.
After all, didn't George introduce the Dewey decimal system into Afghanistan, something that Alexander the Great and the Soviet Union both failed to do?
A fundamental flaw in the vast majority of articles on folksonomies and taxonomies is the almost universal use of the Dewey Decimal System (or Library of Congress Subject Headings) as the example taxonomy.
In their introduction to Between the Covers, Hammond and Heltzel state their organizing principle, with a nod to library classification: "Just as the Dewey Decimal System was invented to impose order on books, we've created a system of our own to guide and stimulate your reading ...
And he implied that if his son had suffered any emotional damage from this shushing, she might very well find herself being sued--right down to her Dewey Decimal System. This had been a year ago.