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 (dĕk′străn′, -strən)
Any of a group of branched polysaccharides with various molecular weights that are used to prevent thrombosis, as plasma volume expanders, and as food additives.


(Biochemistry) biochem a polysaccharide produced by the action of bacteria on sucrose: used as a substitute for plasma in blood transfusions
[C19: from dextro- + -an]


(ˈdɛk strən)

a viscous polysaccharide produced by bacterial action on sucrose: used in confections and lacquers and as a blood-plasma extender.
[1875–80; dextr (ose) + -an2]
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IV iron adverse reactions reported to the FDA (Chertow, Mason, Vaage-Nilsen, &Ahlmen, 2006; Schwenk, 2010) IV iron Major adverse Life-threatening adverse reactions reactions Dexferrum (iron 12/100,000 11.
9 h was measured in patients with iron deficiency and chronic disease, including renal failure patients on hemodialysis receiving Dexferrum (8).
The records of all 62 ESRD patients who received Dexferrum at the Merrimack Valley Dialysis Center, a hospital-based dialysis unit in Methuen, Massachusetts from August 1, 1997 to January 31, 1998 were studied.
We calculated the incidence of adverse events as a percentage of the total number of patients treated with Dexferrum.