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v. i.1.To die.
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WHILE MOST ARTISTS try to make the world a more bearable place to live in, Mike Deye tries to tear it down.
Harunah turned to Keur N' Deye, a Senegalese restaurant in Brooklyn, to cater a traditional West African meal of Tiebou Dieun, which is a combination of fish and rice with vegetables, and Yassa Guinaar, a lemon chicken dish with rice and vegetables.
Deye, NCI, 6130 Executive Plz, Ste 6000, Bethesda, MD 20892-7412 USA, 301-496-9531 for GL, KF, or HB; 301-4966111 for JAD, fax: 301-480-3507, e-mail: guoyingl@ mail.
Serta, the privately held licensing bedding manufacturer, reported their stockholders have elected Michael Bubis, president of Serta West Palm Beach, and re-elected David Deye, as president of Serta Cincinnati, to three-year terms on the Serta Board of Directors.
Deye, Radiation Research Program, NCI, 6130 Executive Plz, Ste 6000, Bethesda, MD 20892-7412 USA, 301-496-9531 for BIP, 301496-6111 for RRP, fax: 301-480-3507, e-mail: bakerhou@mail.
HUNDREDS of excited fans have queued up to meet YouTube star Alfie Deyes in Cardiff.
Former X Factor judge Cheryl, in 50s-style white-rimmed glasses and green bomber jacket, did her bit with a pestle and mortar while Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby and vlogger Alfie Deyes helped out with another cooking segment.
In front of a large and enthusiastic crowd consisting of proud parents and league officials, Waterloo TTC and Deyes High School led the way and head the early league table, after each racked up 27 points.
Former Deyes High School student Sapper Dawson said: "I heard shots, which were flying past myself and my commander - they were landing just five or 10metres away from us.
SIDNEY STRINGER failed to make the final stages of the 2009 Carnegie FDS Indoor Football Cup at Leeds Metropolitan University's Headingley Campus as Deyes High School from Liverpool were crowned 2009 champions.
Dr Clive Upton took the 'keyhole' pictures of girls as they exercised in the gym at Deyes High School in Maghull, Liverpool.