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n.1.The act or process of freeing from zinc; also, the condition resulting from the removal of zinc.
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Rajendran, Effect of Benzotriazole Derivatives on the Corrosion and Dezincification of Brass in Neutral Chloride Solution', J.
The CHO has concluded that the source of the lead in the water is the dezincification of brass fittings.
10), by means of x-ray photo-electron spectrometry (XPS), that a Cu-Zn-Co ternary alloy exhibits much slower dezincification than normal brass.
Zinc generally goes into the domestic supply from corrosion of galvanized iron and dezincification of brass.
The major sources of water contamination of Zn are from industrial wastes, deterioration of galvanized iron and dezincification of brass etc.
We showed how the difference between forward and reverse current flows allowed determination of the surface copper-to-zinc ratio and hence the degree of dezincification of the brass.
dagger]) Dezincification had more effect than German U-boats (Photo 4) and the Imperial German Navy's High Seas Fleet in knocking British ships out of action during World War I.