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1. Latin Defensor Fidei (Defender of the Faith)
2. direction finder


abbreviation for
(Heraldry) Defender of the Faith


or DF,

1. direction finder.
2. direction finding.


Doctor of Forestry.
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This study undertakes the task of linking returns filed by large private pension plans and DFEs in 2008.
It does not come as a surprise that EF1 is the leading provider of DFEs for the printing industry, considering its product portfolio and its many partnerships," comments Kaspar Roos, associate director for Info Trends' Production Workflow & Customized Communications Solutions Services.
He said the DfES bankrolled Cleveland Police's investigation into the college.
The DFES is not ordering or advising headteachers to ban the veil, but is confirming that they have the ability to do so if they wish, so long as they carry out proper consultation, said the spokesman.
Separately, the DfES has launched a consultation on a new system that would automatically cream off 5% of every school's reserves, bringing in an estimated pounds 75m.
However, a summary of the report from the DfES made no mention of a possible return to compulsory languages for 14 to 16-year-olds.
Colin Rayner, a senior instructor at the Newmarket riding school, and Sarah Hayde, a workplace co-ordinator, have both been shortlisted for a DFES STAR Award, Rayner in the Work-Based Learning Trainer of the Year category and Hayde in the Outstanding Support Other Than Learning category.
6%, while DfES funding for research and knowledge transfer in English universities would grow 6.
THE DFES insists cash given to LEAs is not reaching schools.
Maj Jason Xiques, chief of the Air Combat Command's B-1 Weapon System Office, said that the new DFEs should be fully fielded around this time next year.
The anti-squeal friction pads have superseded DFEs former brake pads and are now installed on DFE's new brakes.
The Sunday Mercury is aware of at least four ILA providers who have been breaking the rules as set down by the DfES.