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or Div·e·hi  (dē′vā-hē)
The Indic language spoken in the Maldives. Also called Maldivian.

[Dhivehi dhivehi, Maldivian, ultimately from Middle Indic dīpa-, island, from Sanskrit dvīpaḥ, island; see dwo- in Indo-European roots.]
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The two licensed operators, Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun (Dhiraagu) and Ooredoo Maldives, have both invested in HSPA and LTE infrastructure, providing national coverage with the former and expecting to provide coverage with the latter to all populated islands by the end of 2017.
Turn up barefoot and breakfast like a king in Iru (the Dhivehi word for sun), which serves an impressive hot and cold buffet, as well as a la carte.
ISLAMABAD -- The scholars, writers and intellectuals of Dhivehi Language Academy, Maldives on Friday visited Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) and discussed the proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), aiming to enhance cooperation in making arrangements in the field of translation of literary works and publication of books of each other countries.
This was discussed as a seven-member delegation of scholars, writers and intellectuals from the Maldives Dhivehi Language Academy visited the Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) on Friday.
'Varu' is a term in Dhivehi meaning strength, resilience and life in abundance, and the resort will offer a truly Maldivian experience by incorporating aspects of local traditions and cultures.
The questionnaire was administered in both Dhivehi and English and included items related to the use of and attitude towards both the languages.
Meaning 'coral' in the Maldives' language Dhivehi, The Muraka is a $15 million two-storey hotel villa.
Its name is "Muraka," which means "coral" in the Maldives' local language Dhivehi.
The two-story villa is located around 16 feet below the Indian Ocean, and has been named 'Muraka', which, in the local Dhivehi language, means coral, reports CNN.
Mekunu, which means "mullet" in Dhivehi, the language spoken in the Maldives, is on track to potentially be the same strength as a Category 2 hurricane at landfall.
In Dhivehi, the country's national language, the term means "Mullet fish".