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A thin crisp pancake of Indian origin, typically made from rice flour, stuffed with vegetables, chicken, or other ingredients, and served with chutney.

[Hindi ḍosā, of Dravidian origin; akin to Tamil tōcai, Kannada dōse.]


(Cookery) a savoury Indian pancake
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Tenders are invited for Construction of BP Rd from Hatchara PMGSY Rd to Godabar Battala along Khalpur GP Dhosa Chandaneswar PS Joynagar Block J_I under Bishnupur 540M RIDF XXI Ph I
This meal brought back to us memories of the varied and wonderful cuisine we experienced, including the great masala dhosa.
She chose superbly as we mixed and matched a selection of dhosa masala, papri and samosa chaat and fresh, crispy poppadoms with freshly spiced onions.
Kayal will also be creating their speciality rice and lentil dhosa pancake over the weekend.
Murray's dhosa proved to be a substantial thing, but was well received.
Tenders are invited for Construction and installation including supply for one number wds at dhosa charaghata block joynagar- i south 24 parganas under wbadmi project
Inside, the places are set, the napkins folded and the glasses are polished but the south side Indian restaurant has done its last dhosa.
If you've never had a dhosa, the Southern Indian version of a burrito, you're missing out.
Tenders are invited for construction of bituminous road from dhosa 1 no pole to charaghata road and from the shop of prasanta naiya to the house of bishnupada sardar gp dhosa chandaneswar block joynagar i under bishnupur sub division of c e d no i s d b length 1500m plan he
Also available at Great India is the Southern Indian version of a long, skinny, vegetarian crispy taco called a dhosa ($5.
Tenders are invited for const of bp rd from pmgsy rd avoynagar to naresh naskars house via ganga par hatchara avoynagar at mouza charaghata gp dhosa chandaneswar ps joynagar block joynagari under bishnupur 1000m
Let the indecisive be warned: there are 72 main courses, from house specialities to dhosas, masala dishes, all manner of vegetable combinations and "paneer corner".