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The chipset contains Marvell's highest-performing ARM v7 -compatible PJ4B SMP super-scalar dual-core CPU and is designed to enable PC-like processing power to support Web browsing with support for Flash and other key technologies with the aid of more than 6000 Dhrystone MIPS of computing horsepower, FPU v3.0, 512KB of L2 cache and Neon.
CPU Arithmetic (Dhrystone ALU/Whetstone iSSE3) 35.22GIPS / 24.88GFLOPS
The components exhibit up to 76 Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS at 80 MHz, up to 512-KB Flash, up to 64-KB SRAM, and a 3-V-to-3.6-V supply voltage.
* The ability to run 1,200 Dhrystone million instructions per second (MIPS) for a full Linux operating system with desktop windows managers and office applications.
According to MIPS the new family offers the highest Dhrystone MIPS/MHz performance available in a synthesisable 32-bit core - 1.4 Dhrystone MIPS/MHz.
Processing, IPC and VM Intensive Applications VM User/Total IPC ((pagin + Type Application Time (msg/s) out)/s) Processing Dhrystone 1.00 3.49 0.35 + 0 IPC find 0.03 512.3 2.75 + 0 VM WPI Jigsaw 0.09 2.46 28.5 + 38.2 Extended load information is used for applying more appropriate distributed scheduling decisions [Milojicic et al., 1993a].
Dhrystone benchmark: Rationale for version 2 and measurement rules.