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 (pə-nā′tēz, -nä′-)
pl.n. Roman Mythology
The Roman gods of the household, tutelary deities of the home and of the state, whose cult was closely connected and often identified with that of the Lares.

[Latin Penātēs, from penus, foodstuff, interior of a house.]


pl n
(Classical Myth & Legend) See lares and penates


(pəˈneɪ tiz, -ˈnɑ-)
(sometimes l.c.) the tutelary deities of the family larder in ancient Rome.
[1505–15; < Latin Penātēs, akin to penus stock of provisions]
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Tampoco deben confundirse con los di penates (los dioses penates, siempre en plural), espiritus protectores del interior de los hogares (puede consultarse a Price y Kearns 2004: 414),