Día de los Muertos

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Día de los Muer·tos

 (lōs mwĕr′tōs)
[Spanish : día, day + de, of + los, the + muertos, pl. of muerto, dead.]
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The community contributed to a massive Dia de los Muertos altar, by placing pictures of their departed loved ones, organized by the Oaxacan community from St.
Worcester Art Museum Saturday celebrated Dia de Los Muertos with activities for people of all ages, including making tradition skull masks; traditional Mexican folk art made with tissue paper called Papel Picado; and making an altar to honor the memory of someone who died.
Kristen Willett's "Not So Spooky: Calaveras at Play" (page 24), also taps into Dia de los Muertos, emphasizing the cultural significance of the memorial holiday.
That evening, I posted on Facebook, "Celebrating family, birthdays, and Dia de los Muertos with Mark DeGarmo," and included a photo of Mark embracing a family headstone where my dad, his brother, and their parents are buried.
The back case adorns an engraved medallion which says 'Black Magic Dia de Los Muertos for Mistal with engraved limited edition numbers'.
I was staying near the market in San Miguel, where for days before the Dia de los Muertos, vendors sell sugar figures for altars, papel picado--the cut-out papers--and skeletons.
Adds Vigil, who is involved in Dia de los Muertos events at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts in Colorado Springs and the Denver Botanic Gardens: "I do classes and discussions.
Travellers who wish to experience the authentic Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations can head to Oaxaca, Mexico.
Dia De Los Muertos, Mexico from [pounds sterling]596 per person To experience the authentic Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations, head to Oaxaca, Mexico.
The Workers constantly opened up their lives to us, whether it was through discussion, reflection, and a hearty meal from the crock-pot at Tuesday night liturgy; regaling us with the adventures of the latest Peace Walk; offering up berries from the garden; or providing the opportunity to remember the deceased at a Dia de los Muertos service.
CANOGA PARK - Wearing white skeleton masks and marigolds in their hair, festival goers descended on Sherman Way for the ninth annual Dia de los Muertos celebration on Sunday.
Along with the Spanish and Indian traditions of his childhood, Villanueva takes inspiration from the Technicolor culture of Los Angeles, where he now serves as artistic director at the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Festival at Hollywood Forever Memorial Park.