Dial lock

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a lock provided with one or more plates having numbers or letters upon them. These plates must be adjusted in a certain determined way before the lock can be operated.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The RSL Series delivers accuracy to +/- 3 percent, with 30-35 degrees of operating stroke to enhance productivity while avoiding "tool lock on." A minimum nose radius ensures trouble-free tool fit and the reaction arm has a simple dial lock for rapid changes.
Cons: Weak autofocus system, design of body doesn't offer enough grip, dial lock system reduces usability but is authentic to older cameras.
The dial lock is now on the back, and in easy reach of your left thumb.
Alummist knives come preloaded with three ROCK HARD blades and are available in metallic silver, blue or red colors; and in Auto Lock or Dial Lock blade lock systems.
An innovative combination dial lock approved for use in the USA that lets the owner know if the bag has been opened, inspected and subsequently re-locked by security personnel.
U S WEST's suite of Call Management products also includes Do Not Disturb, which allows customers to block incoming calls; U S WEST Dial Lock SM, that blocks all outgoing calls, except for emergency 911 calls, from being completed.
Dial lock prevents outgoing calls to any number not stored in memory, while a digit restriction feature can be used to limit outgoing calls to local calls only.
A variety of built-in security features are included with both units, such as dial lock, which prevents outgoing calls to any number not stored in memory, and a digit restriction feature which limits outgoing calls to local calls only.
Each graduation marked on the sight equals one full turn of the dial, and the dial locks at 1/2-turn intervals.