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Noun1.Diamond Jim - United States financier noted for his love of diamonds and his extravagant lifestyle (1856-1917)
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The Stoll on Westgate Road, 1920s The film Diamond Jim, 1935
in West Dundee; Diamond Jim's Tavern and Gas Grill, 325 Meier St., East Dundee; River Street Tavern, 102 N.
Thus Moses could abandon the turbulent darkness of Bronco, 2002, for the colorful suaveness of Diamond Jim, 2008 (the work from which the show borrowed its title), and then abandon that in 2011 for a strangely subdued mixed-media work, Untitled, a painting spotted with circles resembling craters on a pockmarked moon.
They even had gangster-style names like Too Fats Smith, Diamond Jim Shepherd, Frank the Tank, Machine Gun Shaw, Knucklehead Walker.
This Sunday, October 20th, Diamond Jim's Casino presents a “No Limit Holdem” Tournament hosted by “Little Miss Rosamond”, Makayla Vaquilar, to benefit Ruff Patches, a local animal rescue nonprofit, and the Lancaster County Animal Shelter.
Diamond Jim's Grill was recently approved to sell beer/wine in a restaurant at 2400 Meridian St.
Giresun finished second and Shinn's mount Diamond Jim was fourth.
P H I L L I P S -J IMMY (DIAMOND JIM), April 21st, 2010.
The Lillian Russell collection is named after the glamorous light-opera star who was the toast of Tony Pastor's Opera House, the beje-welled lady of Diamond Jim Brady and the inspiration for the Gibson Girls.
Casinos bring them hope, a chance that they will score big and that soon, like Diamond Jim, they will be tossing around gifts to the not-as-fortunate, waving cash at waiters, demanding the best wine in the cellar and driving around in the latest sports car.
She did not stay in any of the local hotels, as she and her entire company arrived in a private Pullman car, the 80-foot Iolanthe, which was made available to her by longtime admirer James "Diamond Jim" Brady of New York City.
miraculous miniatures on display from the Diamond Jim Parker Ring local