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n.1.Diminutive for Mouse.
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Diana Lewis, a resident of the Manchester Green neighborhood, said she is concerned about more traffic being funneled through Church Road and Old Checker Road.
Cllr Diana Lewis said: "There's a possibility that it could close.
News Anchor Diana Lewis explored the modern melting pot, citing that "Here in Michigan, foreign born residents are six times more likely to start a high-tech firm than other residents.
Miami Dade College in Florida has named veteran airport manager Diana Lewis as director of the Eig-Watson School of Aviation at the school's Homestead Campus.
Enter tepid-shot publisher Diana Lewis who has to make sure the book is finished and save the company .
Tepid-shot publisher Diana Lewis is scrambled to find a writer to finish the book and save the company from crisis.
Mrs Diana Lewis of L12, though, took issue with one of Ian's remarks in the same column on the subject of Speaker front-runner Ann Widdicombe.
said Diana Lewis, senior vice president of Human Resources for Ecolab.
Left to right) Speaker Steve Moumighan, DOE Deputy Director of Procurement and Assistance Management (far left), Chapter President Diana Lewis, and VP Belinda Sheridan.
The trustees, who include town and county councillor Michael Williams and mayor Diana Lewis, will now decide where the money will be distributed and they are confident that they will do that by the end of the year.
Fiona and Liz, 46, from Bideford, North Devon, called Diana Lewis at the North Devon Animal Ambulance service and she came straight over.