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n.1.Diminutive for Mouse.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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WISCONSIN -- Kristin Abitz, Debra Adamus, Nancy Alderton, Rebecca Bigalke, Anthony Bovee, Julie Braunreiter, Jenney Caylor, Monica Daniels, Larry Dillenberg, Sharal Doepke, Becky Dombrock, Diane Drake, Matt Dufek, Angela Eggers, Allyson Eparvier, Holly Flickner, Sara Fry, Chelsea Giles, Melissa Greil, America Guerra, Allison Hagen, Richard Heider, Heidi Helm, Sue Her, Rhonda Jankowski, Steven Janus, Sara Johnson, Ellen Klein, Amanda Kragness, Diana Lewis, Dawn Lokken, Sandra Loncaric-Gaeth, Keith Lucas, Dory Marshall, Scott Melgosa, Erin Myszka, Brandon O'Brien, Leah Olson, Heather Rasmussen, Stephanie Reimer, Connie Schrank, Michelle Sonnentag, William Stein, Tammy Stiemke, Joseph Strano, Anne Strauch, David Tinker, Jennifer Trochinski, Ryan Ulrich, Renee Vande-Streek, Caitlyn Whitchurch
Kenneth Wang (California Lutheran University), Chapter board member Diana Lewis and chapter president Jeff McKeown.
Cllr Diana Lewis said: "There's a possibility that it could close.
* In the 15th Circuit, Jessica Jacqueline Ticktin (54.44 percent) defeated Judge Diana Lewis (45.56 percent) for Seat 14.
Carer Diana Lewis said: "We found her owner." Perhaps Betty could be offered a part in The Bill.
News Anchor Diana Lewis explored the modern melting pot, citing that "Here in Michigan, foreign born residents are six times more likely to start a high-tech firm than other residents."
Miami Dade College in Florida has named veteran airport manager Diana Lewis as director of the Eig-Watson School of Aviation at the school's Homestead Campus.
Enter tepid-shot publisher Diana Lewis who has to make sure the book is finished and save the company ...
Tepid-shot publisher Diana Lewis is scrambled to find a writer to finish the book and save the company from crisis.
"We need more MPs like him challenging the spin doctors which, as Ian Hernon says, would have been sadly wasted were he to become speaker." Mrs Diana Lewis of L12, though, took issue with one of Ian's remarks in the same column on the subject of Speaker front-runner Ann Widdicombe.
A healthy environment is so important to all our associates and to our company." said Diana Lewis, senior vice president of Human Resources for Ecolab.
(Left to right) Speaker Steve Moumighan, DOE Deputy Director of Procurement and Assistance Management (far left), Chapter President Diana Lewis, and VP Belinda Sheridan.