Diana monkey

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(Zool.) a handsome, white-bearded monkey of West Africa (Cercopithecus Diana).

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The latest new arrival is part of a breeding programme that's happening all over Europe to help conserve the Diana monkey.
| Twycross Zoo's new Diana monkey is now three months old
In the corner of their case, there are four short pedestals, one for each skull: a human's, a gorilla's, a Diana monkey's (Old World), and a spider monkey's (New World).
The male Diana monkey has been nicknamed Baby Ronnie after musician Mark Ronson who is to headline the Zoo Thousand and Eight Music Festival, in July, at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, in Kent.
Paul Burrell was flying about among the trees in a harness like some kind of Diana monkey, belting out songs from the musicals.
Zimi, who is a baby Diana monkey and named after a region in the African country of Sierra Leone, is the first offspring for parents Bo and Alan and the youngster was staying close to it's mother by wrapping its long arms around her body as she leapt from tree to tree in the enclosure.
The endangered animals discovered were leopards, chimps, gorillas, bonobo monkeys, mandrills, drills, the beautiful diana monkey and the Jentink's duiker antelope of which there are only a few hundred left.
* Smart Diana monkeys may be the top bananas when it comes to monkey talk.
Dr Zuberbuhler said: ``Our results show that Diana monkeys tolerate immigrating putty- nosed monkeys and form mixed-species groups with them because of their merit in predation defence.''
There, leopards and crowned eagles prey on Diana monkeys, which give different barklike calls for each threat.
A group of Diana monkeys fly through the top willowy branches in search of fruit and a place to sleep.