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n.1.A woven silk stuff with transparent and colored figures; diaper work.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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This new material object, the diaphane, suddenly opened up unprecedented possibilities for sculptors and painters, and permitted them in turn to bring new theological perceptions to birth.
The earliest work in the show, Untitled, 1942--a sherbet-colored diaphane with runes and wedges variously resembling arrows, propellers, and light beams loosely recalls the cosmic landscapes of Matta and Alice Rahon, the French-Mexican Surrealist painter with whom Sekula would fall in love in 1945.
>> Ce vernis, ne d'une profondeur diaphane, d'une phrase a qui le narrateur a su donner un poids, une epaisseur ou puisse resider cette << essence cachee >>, enfouie dans la pate transparente du texte, c'est au narrateur d'y elaborer afin d'eterniser la verite.
Il la tanne, l'assouplit, l'affine jusqu'au diaphane, au terme d'un processus purificateur, necessaire a ses yeux, car il permet, pense-t-il, de liberer une energie qui, retenue, serait nefaste.
(26.) Degoulet P, Legrain M, Re'ach I, Aime' F, Devrie's C, Rojas P, Jacobs C: Mortality risk factors in patients treated by chronic hemodialysis: Report of the Diaphane collaborative Study.
Myriam est un etre diaphane, doux et tendre qui apparait comme l'amour sincere et profond du narrateur.
The material he called cellophane derived from the French words cellulose and diaphane (transparent) was used as candy and other food wraps after further extensive development by DuPont.
compound) and diaphane (transparent), was invented and patented by Swiss