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And her grittily angular Diaphonic Suites, written for unusual pairings of instruments like oboe and cello, weave stratified contrapuntal textures that point forward to Elliott Carter's music of 30 years later.
A sea of anthuriums is laid out like layers of positive-negative images in this monumental piece rendered in his signature diaphonic style.
This configuration is less compact than the one described in [29] but the proposed design is intended to avoid the potential diaphonic phenomena caused between two adjacent SIW waveguides sharing a common via-holes line.
Unlike many clients, Buckner placed a diaphonic emphasis both on upgrading its independent living (IL) portfolio (more, larger and conspicuously "hospitality"-oriented) and on moving its higher levels of care--particularly memory support--into the modern era with cutting-edge layouts and a household model of delivery.
"I invented the diaphonic pump partly to prove that audio volumes could create static pressures in the ear that no one ever dreamed were possible," added Ambrose.
Perrin, Laurent, Denise Deshaies, and Claude Paradis (2003) 'Pragmatic functions of local diaphonic repetitions in conversation', Journal of Pragmatics 35:1843- 1860
Complementary to the antiphonal or "sounding back" structure of the narrative is a diaphonic harmony in the dramatic structure in which two solo voices track each other in parallel intervals, often the unsettling and minor sounding second, fourth, and seventh intervals of an octave.
Either way, the meta-narrative binarism endures, and the diaphonic logic of "two-ness" is confirmed in its structurally "ineradicable" power.