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A benzodiazepine drug, C16H13ClN2O, used to treat anxiety and alcohol withdrawal and as a sedative, skeletal muscle relaxant, and anticonvulsant.

[diazep(ine), seven-member ring containing two nitrogens; see benzodiazepine + -am, chemical suffix (ultimately from ammonium).]


(Pharmacology) a chemical compound used as a minor tranquillizer and muscle relaxant and to treat acute epilepsy. Formula: C16H13ClN2O
[C20: from di-1 + azo- + ep(oxide) + -am]


(daɪˈæz əˌpæm)

a benzodiazepine, C16H13ClN2O, used chiefly as a muscle relaxant and to alleviate anxiety.
[appar. (benzo) diazep (ine) + -am, of unexplained orig.]
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Noun1.diazepam - a tranquilizer (trade name Valium) used to relieve anxiety and relax musclesdiazepam - a tranquilizer (trade name Valium) used to relieve anxiety and relax muscles; acts by enhancing the inhibitory actions of the neurotransmitter GABA; can also be used as an anticonvulsant drug in cases of nerve agent poisoning
benzodiazepine - any of several similar lipophilic amines used as tranquilizers or sedatives or hypnotics or muscle relaxants; chronic use can lead to dependency


n diazepam m
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Tenders are invited for Paper Thermal, Width 8 Cm, Length 30 M, For Diastat.
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The Food and Drug Administration advises patients with epilepsy and their caregivers to check the applicator tips of Diastat AcuDial (diazepam rectal gel) delivery systems for cracks that may result in patients not receiving enough medication to control seizures.
Diastat (diazepam rectal gel) Rectal Delivery System [package insert].
Because of its rectal mode of administration, Diastat has been primarily relegated to use in younger pediatric patients.
5 mg (1/2 AM tab) 25 mg (1 tab) PM Calcium 344 mg (1/4 tsp) bid (home) & PRN Phosphate 345 mg calcium Tetany & double dose for 21 days following Pamidronate infusion Vitamin B6 100 mg PM Acidophilus 1 capsule AM Primal Defence 1/8 tsp PM Diazepam 10 mg PRN seizure suppository or Diastat Chlorhexidine Oral Rinse On brush @ teeth Gluconate 0.
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The company faces major challenges with its neurology product Diastat and HIV drug ribavirin exposed to generic competition.
Valeant Pharmaceuticals markets the product Diastat AcuDial.