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London, November 24 ( ANI ): Footprints believed to have been made by the giant bird Diatryma, an extinct flightless bird, indicate that it was a "gentle herbivore" rather than a fierce carnivore, researchers say.
A team of researchers from Washington, US, examined tracks uncovered in a landslide in 2009 and the absence of raptor-like claws in the footprints supports the theory that Diatryma was not a meat-eater.
The team concluded that the multiple, well-preserved tracks were most likely to have been made by Diatryma.
While one new study supports the mainstream view that Diatryma consumed animal flesh, a different analysis suggests it dined mostly on plants.
Geological Survey in Denver, performed a biochemical analysis of the Diatryma jaw, focusing on a recently discovered lower jaw found in the Bighorn Basin of northwest Wyoming.