Dicamptodon ensatus

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Noun1.Dicamptodon ensatus - large (to 7 inches) salamander of western North America
salamander - any of various typically terrestrial amphibians that resemble lizards and that return to water only to breed
genus Dicamptodon - type genus of the Dicamptodontidae
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Other stream-associated amphibians known to inhabit our study area include Coastal Giant Salamanders (Dicamptodon tenebrosus), California Giant Salamanders (Dicamptodon ensatus), Southern Torrent Salamanders (Rhyacotriton vnriegatus), Red-bellied Newts (Taricha rivularis), and Coastal Tailed Frogs, with the latter 4 species also having Species of Special Concern status in California (Aguilar and others 2013; Thomson and others 2016).
Comparative food habits of four species of stream-dwelling vertebrates (Dicamptodon ensatus, D.
Neoteny and the urogenital system in the salamander Dicamptodon ensatus (Eschsholtz).