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Noun1.Richard Nixon - vice president under Eisenhower and 37th President of the United StatesRichard Nixon - vice president under Eisenhower and 37th President of the United States; resigned after the Watergate scandal in 1974 (1913-1994)
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Imagine Dick Nixon being dumb enough to attach the Enemies List to a press release or deliver the juiciest selections from the Watergate tapes in a series of fireside chats.
With a plea for party unity that would be so conspicuously absent during his own presidential campaign, Goldwater urged his fellow conservatives to "put our shoulders to the wheel for Dick Nixon and push across the line.
Life with Dick Nixon began happily, as the couple expressed love for one another and made plans to go places and do things.
Jerry's dad Pat Brown was a boring New Deal Democrat whose lone service to the Republic was the temporary sidelining of Whittier's Dick Nixon in the 1962 California gubernatorial race, but we might hope that father taught son a lesson in division.
He gets to recall a cast of marvelous midcentury characters, including Senators Kefauver (crime fighter) and McCarthy (alarmist); avuncular, calculating Ike; Dick Nixon on offense and defense, Pat Nixon in her respectable Republican cloth coat, and Checkers the family dog; Amos, Andy, and, uh-oh, the politically incorrect Kingfish; uberCatholic Fulton Sheen and entrepreneurial evangelist Oral Roberts; quiz show cheater Charles Van Doren; and brave black students kept from their classrooms and threatened with violence.
Well, the aptly named Robert Strange McNamara has finally shuffled off to join LBJ and Dick Nixon in the 7th level of Hell.
Occasionally, there's a genuine exchange, as when Dick Nixon threw a surprisingly hip party for Duke Ellington, and 15 jazz masters played at the White House deep into the night; or when Sarah Vaughn cried after singing for LBJ, realizing how far she as a singer and a woman of her race had come in her adult life.
That's ambitious, but when Marshall mentions having "known Dick Nixon well and worked on both campaigns" and in the same breath adds that he "helped raise slightly under $1.
Of course, we still do have Kmart to kick around some more -- remember, even Dick Nixon came back -- but the truth of the matter is that Kmart has become largely irrelevant on the American retailing scene, and if it does stick around for a while, it will only be as the poster boy for some retailing telethon: "Send your money in now so this never happens again.
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