Dicrostonyx hudsonius

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Noun1.Dicrostonyx hudsonius - of northern Canada
pied lemming - North American lemming having a white winter coat and some claws much enlarged
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In addition, it confirmed that there was a positive correlation between leptin and body fat mass in many mammals, such as Meriones unguiculatus (Li and Wang, 2005), Phodopus sungorus (Johnson et al., 2004) and Dicrostonyx hudsonius (Klingenspor et al., 2000).
To monitor small mammal populations (primarily Ungava lemming Dicrostonyx hudsonius), we followed the protocol established for the Northwest Territories and Nunavut (see Carriere, 1999).
The Ungava lemming (Dicrostonyx hudsonius) was abundant everywhere throughout the study area, which probably led to the high occurrence of breeding rough-legged hawks and owls at survey sites (Table 1).