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A trademark for an apparatus that records and reproduces dictation for transcription.


(Electronics) trademark a tape recorder designed for recording dictation and later reproducing it for typing


(ˈdɪk təˌfoʊn)
a brand name for a dictating machine.
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Noun1.Dictaphone - a tape recorder that records and reproduces dictationDictaphone - a tape recorder that records and reproduces dictation
tape machine, tape recorder - a magnetic recorder using magnetic tape


® [ˈdɪktəfəʊn] Ndictáfono ® m


nDiktaphon nt, → Diktafon nt


® [ˈdɪktəˌfəʊn] ndittafono ®
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Unfortunately, little does he realise that the ticking time bomb of the incriminating dictaphone is about to go off when Gennie's mum Brenda presses 'play'.
Barnsley was a strange one because he had just spent five minutes trying to find out who owned each dictaphone in the post-match press conference and switched off those he couldn't find an owner for.
LAST week Gateshead Housing Company issued a retired woman in her 60s with a dictaphone.
HEAR about the local journalist who had the misfortune of having his dictaphone batteries die on him as he tried to interview players following Villa's win over Derby?
If you're frustrated with the expense and delays of Dictaphone transcriptions, Dr.
Chicago, (Nasdaq: NUAN), a provider of speech and imaging solutions, announced that its Dictaphone PowerScribe system is the leader in speech recognition solutions for radiology with more than 900 customers.
And secondly I think you should consider getting a dictaphone since you mis-quoted my new (and fabulous) T-shirt which actually said 'Tell Me Off The Record'.
Furthermore, with Dictaphone CRS' broad intellectual property portfolio and CRS' reputation for quality, the acquisition is expected to accelerate incremental sales of NICE's Insight from Interactions solutions for the public, security and enterprise sectors.
The recording was made by Dallas police on a Dictaphone belt the day of the assassination after a motorcycle cop accompanying the Kennedy motorcade accidentally left his radio mike stuck in the "on" position for 25 minutes.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-21 April 2004-BT Syntegra to resell Dictaphone products(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
A retired disabled man was released from custody yesterday after spending a night in the cells for recording court proceedings on his dictaphone.
has confirmed the growing use of DVD-RAM technology in business applications with the announcement that Dictaphone Corporation is incorporating the Panasonic 5.