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(ˈdɪdɪˌkɔɪ) or




n, pl -coys or -kais
(Sociology) (in Britain) one of a group of caravan-dwelling roadside people who live like Gypsies but are not true Romanies
[C19: from Romany]
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Most recently Light of the Diddicoy, the first book in the Auld Irishtown trilogy was published on St.
Compelling and insightful, Light of the Diddicoy is an interesting journey into the making of a gangster.
Six of the pups won 30 opens between them, the main contributors being the aforementioned August Twenty, the Springbok winner and Reading's 465m clock-breaker Frisco Sir, and Diddicoy, a sprint and four-bend winner.
Keith, a self-confessed greyhound fanatic, was part-owner of Diddicoy, who reached the third round of the Derby in 1998 only to suffer a career-ending injury, so is clearly aware of the ups and downs of the sport.
DIDDICOY, who suffered a fractured foreleg in a fall in Saturday's heat three of the Derby, travels to vet Plunkett Devlin today.
Diddicoy is owned by City Index dealer Ben Keith and his father Lindsay.