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 (dĭd′rĭk-sən), Mildred Ella
See Mildred Ella Didrikson Zaharias.
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Noun1.Didrikson - outstanding United States athlete (1914-1956)
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She handed me a biography of Babe Didrikson, the groundbreaking athlete, and I was hooked.
Olympic heroes Jim Thorpe, Babe Didrikson, and Jesse Owens displayed their amazing talents in Borchert.
There is no rule against women playing in men's tour events, but only a few, including Annika Sorenstam, Michelle Wie and Lexi Thompson have attempted the feat since Babe Didrikson Zaharaias, the first woman to play against men in a PGA Tour event in 1938.
The brash, all-around athlete Babe Didrikson was criticized as unladylike.
Didrikson has a heroic place in sports history, so it's enraging and eye-opening to learn, in the new documentary "Olympic Pride, American Prejudice," that even an athlete of her status and liberating power didn't believe in a level playing field.
En resumen, presento la participacion de la universidad en el escenario de la globalizacion y la sociedad del conocimiento, que segun Didrikson (2000) responde a las siguientes caracteristicas: la universidad como componente esencial del proceso de creacion de conocimientos en las juventudes y de las condiciones culturales e institucionales de caracter organizacional para la innovacion de la sociedad.
ON HER NEXT GOAL: Lining up a first-class production of the Babe Didrikson musical--that's pretty close to the top of the list.
45m) from Stockholm-based investment company Alfven & Didrikson AB (A&D).
An all-time record 31,232 fans attended the game which featured a Golf and Baseball exhibition by Babe Didrikson Zaharias and a performance by the Clown Prince of Baseball, Al Schacht.
Female sports figures of the 1920s and '30s, such as track and field star Babe Didrikson, swimmer Gertrude Ederle, and tennis player Helen Wills, were standouts in their sports--but they competed only against peers.