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(Chemistry) chem a hydrocarbon that contains two carbon-to-carbon double bonds in its molecules
[from di-1 + -ene]


(daɪˈoʊ lə fɪn)

an aliphatic compound, as 1,3-butadiene, CH2=CH−CH=CH2, that contains two double bonds.
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According to the organisers, it spans Monroe's life in front of the camera lens, starting with her teenage years, when she was photographed on the beach by Andre De Dienes,
Dienes will sell and service Vorwald shafts from the Spencer, MA, facility.
Dienes has released the Vario-Cut two piece paper-cutting knife.
Dienes Werke now offers QUIK-SET, a knife positioning system that the company says maximizes time savings by moving all knife holders simultaneously.
With its seven international sites and more than 500 employees, Dienes Group is a leading provider of industrial slitting technology for paper, film/foil, plastic, fleece and metals.
Dienes Werke fur Maschlnenteile GmbH & KG has recently modernized a Delta slitter belonging to Germany-based Paxar.
Dienes Werke fur Maschinenteile, Overath-Vilkerath, Germany, has introduced the MMS knife management system.
Dienes Werke fur Mashinenteile GmbH, Overath-Vilkerath, Germany, has recently presented a machine for grinding and polishing all kinds of circular knives, especially top and bottom knives or slitters and sheeters.
As the world's largest slitting company, The Dienes Group's success is based on an Engineering philosophy with a marketing strategy, not a Marketing philosophy with an engineering strategy.
Dienes Werke offers the High Speed The PSGDF knife holder that can simulate cutting speeds of up to 3500 m/min, which, according to executives, is a new world record.
Prinsen II, who has been with Dienes since September 2000 will provide field service support in addition to his previous tasks as a detail CAD layout draftsman.
Dienes has introduced the Easy Set, a knife positioning system.