Diffraction spectrum

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a spectrum produced by diffraction, as by a grating.

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A team at the Bauman Technical University in Moscow has taken a different approach, identifying the diffraction spectrum of the hologram as the key characteristic for determining whether it is genuine.
Reinforced corroded surface with 5000 times magnification of the scanning electron microscope (SEM) and corresponding corrosive X-ray diffraction spectrum (XRD) after immersing for 6 months in the chloride salt simulated pore solution is shown in Figure 3(a).
The diffraction spectrum of the sample ray illustrated in Figure 1, without heat treatment, shows that there are no typical peaks of crystalline phases.
By analytic solving of the integral in (2), we can obtain the Fourier diffraction spectrum for BG beams with different topological charges m at the back focal plane of lens, which reads
Figure 4(a-c) show the X-ray diffraction spectrum of MWCNT, SWCNT, and GNP nanoparticles and their PE nanocomposites measured in the direction of processing, respectively.
Laser ([lambda] = 632.8 nm) and photodiode BPW-34 were used to register diffraction spectrum. Photodiode is connected to ammeter.
According to the commonly used diffraction spectrum of different crystal structures, the distance of crystal face was calculated and the crystal structure was determined.
TABLE 1: Particle size estimated from the diffraction spectrum of pure ZnO and ZnO + PEG and ZnO + PVP by using FWHM.
In a further attempt to investigate this puzzling situation, we ground a piece of the black pottery, subjected it to a magnetic separation, and then ran an x-ray diffraction spectrum on the magnetic fraction.