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 (flo͞o-kŏn′ə-zōl′, -kō′nə-)
A broad-spectrum antifungal agent, C13H12F2N6O, administered either orally or by injection and used especially to treat systemic candidiasis and cryptococcosis.

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n fluconazol m
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Yes, those popular nystatin, Diflucan, caprylic acid, antifungal herbs and other yeast killers that Lyme specialists and other practitioners dispense.
I saw a female first name, someone else's last name and the name of a drug I'd never heard of: Diflucan. Google revealed this to be a cure for vaginal yeast infections, with possible side effects of upset stomach.
"The patient is a flight attendant for Diflucan Airlines."
THE FOOD AND DRUG Administration is reviewing the results of a Danish study that concludes there is a possible increased risk of miscarriage with the use of oral fluconazole (Diflucan) in pregnancy, according to a safety alert.
A 30day course of Diflucan was about $550, but prison doctors had Eteaki on a double dosage because of the severity of his disease, so his treatment was twice as expensive.
[10,26] Secondly, fluconazole is well tolerated and widely accessible to SA clinicians for the management of CM through the long-standing Diflucan Partnership Programme and government procurement of relatively cheap, generic formulations.
The treatment was systemic with Tienam (imipenem and cilastatin) 500 mg i.v., every 12 hours, PDN 30 mg/day (after 7 days 25 mg), Diflucan (fluconazolum) 1 cp/day, Dicarbocalm (calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and trisilicate) 1 tbx3/day.
Pfizer's most sold medicines and vaccines include drug Lipitor used to lower cholesterol, Lyrica used for fibromyalgua, Diflucan, an antifungal medication, Zithromax, an antibiotic and Viagra, used for erectile dysfunction.
If you see a health care professional, he or she may prescribe a single dose of oral fluconazole (Diflucan) or a generic equivalent, although this treatment is not recommended during pregnancy.
The most potent medical treatments are potentially toxic anti-fungal drugs taken by mouth, such as Ketoconazole, Lamisil (again), Sporanox and Diflucan. These cause serious liver complications in about one in 1.0,000 people, so you should avoid them for a superficial problem.