a.1.(Biol.) Sexually reproductive.
Digenous reproduction
(Biol.) Same as Digenesis.
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It is further complicated by continuing conflicts between petroleum interests and indigenous rights in historic indigenous areas; promotion of sterilization by the government may be seen as a way to reduce in digenous populations to make it easier to appropriate land for mineral extraction.
Secondly, assumptions of canonical environmental philosophy are going to need to be reframed much more than Thompson suggests, since the canonical approach has classically, if not intentionally, left out the voices and environmental discourses of people of colour, women, in digenous people and the poor.
Chapter 6 (authors Geordan Graetz and Haydon Manning) complements Chapter 5 by offering a comprehensive history of the politics of uranium mining, through recent decades and spread across the various political interests, including those of in digenous people.
One of the major reason was that energy and power grids were producing inexpensive, in digenous and sustainable energy.
It's a good gesture to acknowledge the great services of Sufi's and highlight their due role in preaching Islamic ideology and encourage the in digenous culture and spread their message of peace, harmony and brotherhood across the world.
Rather than blame Indig-enous youth for not being familiar with the dominant norms and expect-ations associated with curriculum, or fault reserve schools for failing to equip their students for high school, educators "would likely serve In digenous youth more effectively if we did a better job integrating multiple epistemologies within our pedagogy, curricula, and educational policies" (Castagno & Brayboy, 2008, p.
This then will reflect in the texture of creative work and give it an in- digenous voice that is distinct and enriching.
3) For further discussion of our conception of Igloolik Isuma Productions as caches for Indigenous knowledge, see Cache Collective, "cache: Provisions and productions in contemporary Igloolik video," in Global In digenous Media: Cultures, Practices and Politics, Eds.
Significant infestation by this digenous trematode is associated with the bivalve assuming an inverted position in the sediment.
In northern Canada, a life expectancy difference of approximately thirty-five years in 1946 was down to approximately ten years by the mid-1990s, during which time in digenous life expectancy more than doubled.
Within this demographic mix the Mesoamerican influence continues among the indigenous communities and, according to Bonfil Batalla, among many other communities that do not explicitly identify themselves as in digenous.
2) The WCTU was also operational in Victoria and poised to offer charitable sisterly concern to many marginalized and impoverished Aboriginal women in the colony, but the mobilization of in digenous women as fellow activists, as was occurring in New Zealand, was unthinkable.