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or didj·er·i·doo (dĭj′ə-rē-do͞o′, dĭj′ə-rē-do͞o′)
n. pl. didg·er·i·doos or didj·er·i·doos
A musical instrument of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia, consisting of a long hollow branch or stick that makes a deep drone when blown into while vibrating the lips.

[Imitative of its sound.]


(Instruments) music a deep-toned native Australian wind instrument made from a long hollowed-out piece of wood
[C20: imitative of its sound]


(ˌdɪdʒ ə riˈdu, ˈdɪdʒ ə riˌdu)
n., pl. -doos.
a musical instrument of Australian Aborigines made from a long wooden tube that is blown into to create a low drone.
[1915–20; < an Aboriginal language of N Australia]
bambusová píšťala
ausztrál õslakók fából készült kürtjedidgeridoo
bambusová píšťala


[ˌdɪdʒəriˈduː] n (= instrument) → didgeridoo m
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Staff play all kinds of instruments - plus vegetables - during the famous Beatles song including a digeridoo, Pied Piper-style recorder, sax, flutes and more.
A photography studio has been set up for its Big Booth event, with all sorts of quirky props linked to Australia and the kooky digeridoo player.
Individual pieces are performed with an impressive variety of flutes, from a reproduction of an ancient Anasazi flute to a double-barreled flute with buffalo drum, to the Australian digeridoo.
A bass guitar joins the voices of yodlers that mingles with the vibrations of the cowbells and digeridoo.
As well as the flute for which he is perhaps best known, Simeon plays panpipes, Celtic whistles and digeridoo.
A keen mountain sports fan and former sky-diver,he plays instruments from the saxophone through to the digeridoo.
Coventry's free summer festival this year includes the annual Godiva procession, street theatre, a Greenspace with nature trail and digeridoo workshops, Kids Tent with circus skills and games, and a Cabaret Night with near naked acrobats Skate Naked and a Marilyn Monroe impersonator.
But, tonight, Matthew, he was to be Jarvis Cocker - without a digeridoo in sight.
Dennis Blissett from Llandaff brought his digeridoo to play for the star.
He had bought a digeridoo to remember his five-week trip to Cairns in Australia - and brought it back thousands of miles packed in his luggage.
The Norton School hosted an international week of workshops, which introduced youngsters to other religions, Greek dance, Indian cookery, digeridoo playing, South African story telling and henna painting.
aged 33, a digeridoo maker, of Coronation Road, said: "Prostitution is a service that is needed, so it should be legalised.