Digestive apparatus

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the organs of food digestion, esp. the alimentary canal and glands connected with it.

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They knitted worthless things; but, the mechanical work was a mechanical substitute for eating and drinking; the hands moved for the jaws and the digestive apparatus: if the bony fingers had been still, the stomachs would have been more famine-pinched.
A man's "important meal" must be eaten "slowly, and with proper regard for the welfare of his digestive apparatus," Good Housekeeping declared in 1886.
The X-rays have shown him in good health -- including his brain, heart, digestive apparatus, the liver and kidneys.
Under stereoscopic microscope, [alpha]-bisabolol-treated larvae showed alterations in cuticle and in digestive apparatus, more marked in the ventricular area, which were not observed after chamazulene treatment.
Determination of amylolitic activity', in: 'Study of the human digestive apparatus [Opredelenie amiloliticheskoj aktivnosti.