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These are of that branch of the great Snake tribe called Shoshokoes, or Root Diggers, from their subsisting, in a great measure, on the roots of the earth; though they likewise take fish in great quantities, and hunt, in a small way.
Such of them as still possess horses, and occasionally figure as hunters, are called Shoshonies; but there is another class, the most abject and forlorn, who are called Shuckers, or more commonly Diggers and Root Eaters.
Perhaps, at this new assault the men recalled the fact that they had been named mud diggers, and it made their situation thrice bitter.
When the storm of dust had cleared away and the summer night was calm again, numbers of people choked up every avenue of access, and parties of diggers were formed to relieve one another in digging among the ruins.
He learned that the place had several times been visited by experienced money diggers who had heard Black Sam's story, though none of them had met with success.
As Professor Bumper expected to do considerable excavating in order to locate the buried city, or cities, as the case might be, he had to contract for a number of Indian diggers and laborers.
It means grasshopper soup, the favorite dish of the Digger tribe,--and of the Pi-utes as well.
Ere entering upon the subject of Fossil Whales, I present my credentials as a geologist, by stating that in my miscellaneous time i have been a stone-mason, and also a great digger of ditches, canals, and wells, wine-vaults, cellars, and cisterns of all sorts.
Where are the digger and the spade, this peaceful night, destined to add the last great secret to the many secrets of the Tulkinghorn existence?
For the most odious weeks I had been a licensed digger on Black Hill Flats; and I had actually failed to make running expenses.
Dickon took his spade and dug the hole deeper and wider than a new digger with thin white hands could make it.