digital recording

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digital recording

(Electronics) a sound recording process that converts audio or analogue signals into a series of pulses that correspond to the voltage level. These can be stored on tape or on any other memory system

dig′ital record′ing

1. a method of recording sound in which an input audio waveform is sampled many thousands of times per second and each sample is given a binary numerical value.
2. a record, tape, or compact disc made by this method. Compare analog recording.
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Tenders are invited for The Houses Of The Oireachtas Service Is Seeking To Put In Place A Contract For The Maintenance And Operation Of The Sound And Digital Sound Recording System, To Ensure That The Audio Output Of The Facilities Are Of A Sufficiently High Standard To Facilitate The Publication Of The Official Report Of Oireachtas Proceedings And Public Service Broadcasting.
Dad is still actively engaged as vice chairman of Northumbria Camcorder Club for whom he continues to produce training films on subjects such as digital sound recording and editing, which is his speciality.
THE BASICS: We are an easily accessible informal and formal learning centre which has excellent facilities for students to train in digital sound recording studio, IT suite, music technology section and full digital media resources.
0 and released an multi-port audio interface for digital sound recording.
Yoram Gross Studios enters a partnership with Village Roadshow; co-produces with Children's TV Workshop "Samuel and Nina," part of "The Big Bag" series; Trackdown Digital formed as a joint venture digital sound recording unit.
The "PLEXTALK[R]" area of the website offers information about SKC's digital sound recording and playback devices for the visually impaired, learning disabled and students K-16.
Katz's most provocative writing clusters around a range of issues raised by digital sound recording, which fall broadly under the general headings of intellectual property and musical borrowing.
4 of Pro Tools[R], the industry-leading software for digital sound recording, editing, mixing, and MIDI sequencing throughout the music, film, multimedia, television, and radio broadcast industries.
Digidesign Pro Tools is used worldwide for digital sound recording, editing, mixing, and MIDI sequencing, and is deployed extensively throughout the music, film, multimedia, television, and radio broadcast industries.

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