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With a digital caliper (recommended), you first zero the caliper with the attachment installed and closed.
Tenders are invited for Professional digital caliper for forestry applications
We identified each prey item to the lowest taxonomic level possible (generally order) and measured the maximum length and width using a digital caliper (to nearest 0.
Additionally, the various tools built within the mobile app, including digital caliper, trend analysis, cloud patient management and telehealth connectivity can all be used with the CardioSleeve, concluded the companies.
Using your dial or digital caliper, measure between the shoulders of the two metal stops locked on the measuring rod and note the number, then measure the complete length of the bullet itself.
To calculate the shape index, we measured the length and diameter of the eggs using a digital caliper (Electronic Digital Caliper 150 mm) accurate to 0.
Also included: the Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading, three Lock-N-Load die bushings, electronic digital caliper, bullet comparator tool, several miscellaneous case-prep items, and a powder funnel.
A typical digital caliper is made of stainless steel and contains a plastic casing for the LCD display.
DTI uses a digital caliper to measure the thickness of the roofing material.
Width tolerance is best measured with a digital caliper on nominal 12-inch intervals.