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1. diagnostic imaging
2. donor insemination
3. drill instructor


the chemical symbol for
(Elements & Compounds) didymium


abbreviation for
1. (Military) Defence Intelligence
2. (Professions) Detective Inspector
3. (Medicine) Donor Insemination


drill instructor.


Chem. Symbol.


a combining form meaning “two,” “double”: diamide; dicotyledon; dihedron. Compare dis- 2.
[< Greek, comb. form representing dís twice, double, akin to dýo two. compare bi-1, twi-]


var. of dis- 1 before b, d, l, m, n, r, s, v, and sometimes g and j: digest; divide.


var. of dia- before a vowel: diorama.


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There's tight integration with Final Cut Pro 6, meaning you can edit to completion in Final Cut Pro, send your clips to Color, and then render out a final digital intermediate.
The web site features coverage of targeted areas such as HD and HDV, desktop posting, professional AV, digital intermediate systems and digital signage.
The agreement enables Digital Vision to integrate Bright Systems' BrightDrive product family into its own products to offer file-based film and video solutions for the digital intermediate and post-production market.
Dragon DI (Digital Intermediate) is the only company of its type in the world to concentrate solely on the niche market of digital intermediate film production.
With interviews with a well-known cinematographer and a producer of cinema computer chips, and a case study of a digital intermediate process, he traces trends revolutionizing filmmaking in Hollywood and independent films.
In post-production, the Silicon Graphics Prism platform will dramatically increase performance in data-intense creative processes, such as special effects based on massive data models, high-resolution finishing, and highly interactive, digital intermediate sessions.
There is a direct connection to the FPGA, using the J2 pins of the cPCI connector, enabling high-speed digital intermediate frequency (IF) I/O.
For instance, all the film footage was manipulated through a digital intermediate phase, which can look cool but, still, why?
The new format will have VPG (Video Performance Guarantee) capability with profiles capable of supporting compressed digital intermediate video formats.
a leading National Security Solutions provider, announced today that its RT Logic subsidiary was awarded a contract for its Telemetrix 400 Range Receiver (T400RR) equipped with Digital Intermediate Frequency (IF) ingest as part of a program to upgrade an unnamed U.
Inarritu and seeing how they work and what excites them is very inspiring to me," says digital colorist Steve Scott, who's led the digital intermediate teams working on many Marvel pictures including "Guardians of the Galaxy," "The Avengers" and the "Iron Man" films.
The ARRI Group is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of motion picture camera, digital intermediate and lighting equipment.

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