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also U·rum·chi  (o͝o-ro͝om′chē, ü′rüm′chē′)
A city of northwest China in the Tian Shan. It is the capital of Xinjiang.
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or U•rum•chi

(ˈüˈrümˈtʃi; Eng. ʊˈrum tʃi)

the capital of Xinjiang Uygur region, in NW China. 1,160,000.
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Lin Neng-huo, 101, owns a nondescript barbershop on Dihua Street.
In Dihua Street alone (the only part of Dadaocheng that I got to see owing to time constraints.
Starting at the Museum of Contemporary Art, the tour takes you through many vintage treasures such as Ri Xing Type Foundry, Yongle Market, Watson's Pharmacy, Dihua Street and Xia Hai Temple.
Fleisch in Dihua Street serves up a particularly tasty risotto alongside other colourful meat and fish dishes.
According to Guan Dihua rolling theory based on modal parameters, establish the force and deformation model of tyre carcass and tread [20, 21].
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"Scientists have identified so many ways by which a tumour resists Herceptin that it raises an important issue for treatment," said senior author Dihua Yu.
"A microRNA doesn't function like an 'off' switch," says cancer biologist Dihua Yu of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.
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