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n. Abbr. DHT
An androgen that is produced from testosterone in the body and is important in the formation of the male reproductive organs and in the development of male secondary sex characteristics.
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Possibly, these phytoestrogen interacts with dihydrotestosteron (DHT) metabolism and increases hair growth (Schulz et al., 2006).
O-phthalalaldehyde was obtained from Merck, dihydrotestosteron (DHT) from Fluka and arabinosylcytosine (AC) from Ferak.
Effect of the combination of oenothein B with dihydrotestosteron (DHT) on specific NEP activity and cell proliferation Specific cellular NEP Concentration activity in % Cell proliferation % Control 100[+ or -]9 100[+ or -]8 30 nM DHT 107[+ or -]7 94[+ or -]5 30 nM DHT + 20 [micro]M 127[+ or -]12* 91[+ or -]7 oenothein 30 nM DHT + 40 [micro]M 138[+ or -]6* 84[+ or -]6** oenothein *Significant difference to the specific enzymatic activity of the controls.

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