Dimensional lumber

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(Carp.) lumber for building, etc., cut to the sizes usually in demand, or to special sizes as ordered.
lumber, usually of pine, which is sold as beams or planks having a specified nominal cross-section, usually in inches, such a two-by-four, two-by-six, four-by-four, etc.

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One easy method requires laying the piece of deerskin on a cutting surface (wood or plastic) and then laying a relatively rigid straight edge (dimensional lumber or brass bar) over the top along one edge.
Freestanding or wall-hung, the projects reflect a wide variety of building materials, too, including dimensional lumber, metal re-bar, fabric, and even "upcycled" everyday objects.
Cross laminated timber is constructed by layering kiln dried dimensional lumber in a crosswise manner, gluing the layers and pressing them into panels.
If you don't have any inclination or time to salvage lumber, consider using rough-sawn lumber from a local mill (make sure it's thoroughly air-dried) instead of dimensional lumber from big-box stores.
A new joint venture agreement between Nakina Lumber and the Agoke Lumber Limited Partnership (ALLP) is working to get the Nakina dimensional lumber mill restarted, with a goal of employing a workforce comprised of 75 per cent Indigenous workers.
2 dimensional lumber, at least 20 boards from each location.
Twin Rivers, headquartered in Madawaska, Maine, produces specialty packaging, label, publishing, and technical specialty papers as well as dimensional lumber.
Band the plywood with solid dimensional lumber to better hold the hinge screws.
Conifers are used for log cabin stock, utility poles, dimensional lumber, hop poles, fence posts, and pulpwood for paper products.
Or, the owner can have an asbestos survey done, have all asbestos removed by a licensed removal company, remove all materials that LRAPA forbids being burned, and then get a permit to burn the remaining materials, such as dimensional lumber, he said.
The pergola is made from standard dimensional lumber, so you just cut the parts and screw them together--no special skills required.
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