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 (dĭ-mĕn′shən, dī-)
1. A measure of spatial extent, especially width, height, or length.
2. often dimensions Extent or magnitude; scope: a problem of alarming dimensions.
3. Aspect; element: "He's a good newsman, and he has that extra dimension" (William S. Paley).
4. Mathematics
a. The least number of independent coordinates required to specify uniquely the points in a space.
b. The range of such a coordinate.
5. Physics A physical property, such as mass, distance, time, or a combination thereof, regarded as a fundamental measure of a physical quantity: Velocity has the dimension of distance divided by time.
6. A realm of existence, as in a work of fiction, that is physically separate from another such realm: "Although it tells a grounded, political story free from aliens and alternate dimensions, the film remains packed to the brim with iconic ... characters." (Conner Schwerdtfeger).
tr.v. di·men·sioned, di·men·sion·ing, di·men·sions
1. To cut or shape to specified dimensions.
2. To mark with specified dimensions.

[Middle English dimensioun, from Latin dīmēnsiō, dīmēnsiōn-, extent, from dīmēnsus, past participle of dīmētīrī, to measure out : dī-, dis-, dis- + mētīrī, to measure; see mē- in Indo-European roots.]

di·men′sion·al adj.
di·men′sion·al′i·ty (-shə-năl′ĭ-tē) n.
di·men′sion·al·ly adv.
di·men′sion·less adj.
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where I is the total current of all windings, [k.sub.B] and [k.sub.W] are the dimensionless characteristics of the magnetic system.
[X.sub.(i)] is a dimensionless parameter of the ferrofluid.
Potente [13] presented a non-linear approximation, but it is valid only in the range 0.55-0.6 [less than or equal to] [[PI].sub.V] [less than or equal to] 1, where [[PI].sub.V] is the dimensionless throughput.
As shown in Figure 2, r is large with respect to [r.sub.p_out] as in the multiple GHEXs problem, and for r* >5(r* = r/[r.sub.p-out]), the dimensionless temperature response T* = 2[pi][[lambda].sub.s][DELTA]T(r, t)/q according to the Fourier number t* = at/[r.sup.2] is almost the same in both of the ICS and ILS theories.
The hydrodynamic equations are normalized by introducing dimensionless parameters as follows:
Felder [8] proposed the dimensionless parameter [H.sub.f] = 3nlu/p[R.sub.a.sup.2], where [R.sub.a] is the arithmetic mean value and l is the space between two consecutive asperities.
The flow strength induced by buoyancy can be determined by the ratio of buoyancy to inertia force, namely, the dimensionless Richardson number (Ri), and as shown in (1)-(3).
Figure 1(a) shows the recollected test results of dimensionless bond strength and corresponding corrosion level (the mean rebar mass loss is identical to area loss).
presented a function of dimensionless CO concentration along a tunnel length and a function of difference between this concentration and the dimensionless smoke temperature along the tunnel length [9, 10].
To simplify mathematical expressions, we introduce the following dimensionless field variables [mathematical expression not reproducible]
The guidelines encourage the use of other hemodynamic parameters such as dimensionless index to determine the function of the aortic prosthesis.
[eta] - dynamic viscosity, Pa s; [rho] - fluid density kg/[m.sup.3]; [beta] - blockage ratio; [theta] - dimensionless temperature; subscriptin - inlet; out - outlet; w - wall; max - maximum; ave - average.