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One current therapy for early-stage HER2-positive tumors is based on binding an antibody to HER2 to block the dimerization. Researchers led by Zhen Liu at Nanjing University (China) have now developed "molecularly imprinted" biocompatible polymer nanoparticles that recognize HER2 just as specifically as an antibody in order to prevent the dimerization.
'First-in-class dimerization inhibitors of the androgen receptor as novel therapeutics against prostate cancer', by Eva Estebanez, from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biomedicine of the Faculty of Biology.
This binding leads to the dimerization of the surface receptor subunit.
The amino terminus consists of two calponin homology domains that together constitute the actin-binding domain (ABD), followed by 24 filamin-type immunoglobulin (Ig-FLMN) repeated domains (rod-overlapping domains), the most carboxy-terminal of which is responsible for dimerization, assembly, and anchor filaments.
The connector domain or the domain II interacts with MutL, domain III typifies the core domain and divides DNA binding and nucleotide binding sites, the periphery of the DNA clamp forms domain IV; domain V encompasses the ATPase domain and dimerization sites; and domain VI or helix-turn-helix domain (HTH) is obligatory for dimerization at moderate protein concentrations.
Since the duplication c.910dupG introduced a premature stop codon early in the translation (at position 306), the dimerization domain with PMS2/MLH3/PMS1, as well as the interaction domain with hExoI, would be lost, leading to a non-functional protein (Figure 2a).
Two oxidoreductase systems (reduced glutathione/oxidized glutathione and Cysteine/Cystine) and different refolding methods were used to analyze disulfide bond formation as well as protein dimerization (Table 1).
Target recognition of the consensus palindromic sequence of the DNA binding site requires protein dimerization (9).
The dimerization of HIF-1[alpha] and HIF-1[beta] and binding to cis-acting hypoxia response elements (HREs) HREs can increase the expression of VEGF.