Diminished scale

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a scale of gradation used in finding the different points for drawing the spiral curve of the volute.

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On a diminished scale, I had awakened in his bosom some such uneasy distrust as the pocket-handkerchief of Desdemona is known to have aroused in that of the Moor.
While FEMA would continue its efforts, it would be on a diminished scale. Those surviving this devastation are resilient, but they need and deserve more," said NBA President Thomas.
Although brilliantly conceived, the photomontage would have had a more direct impact on the viewer had it been life-size--some twelve feet across--rather than the diminished scale used for demonstration purposes; certainly there was room on the wall for such a display.
Consider a single particular musical concept, such as learning the ins and outs of the diminished scale in improvisation.
Assured yet immobile, each animal is caught within its world of diminished scale. Winding, curving tails hint at movement but do not dislodge impassive qualities.
Of course, had Smith died before publication of his second book, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, it is certain that celebrations for him would have been on a vastly diminished scale.
Also, of course, those performances were viewed from places in the audience, with all the pluses of intimacy, the sense of breath and force, that live dance brings, and all the minuses of diminished scale and single viewpoint enforced by a fixed seat.
On a much diminished scale, the great house served the same function for women.
If bluecollar, labor union featherbedding has mostly been stamped out, white-collar featherbedding in government and private sector corporations seemingly goes on, even in recessionary times, though perhaps on a diminished scale.
This collection is also referred to as a "diminished scale" by many jazz musician.
Part One covers all scales, including pentatonic, modes, Hungarian, whole tone, chromatic and diminished scales. The students are given a formula in the beginning of each of the mini-lessons to write the scales, so they know what to write.
He still has a difficult time with F# Major and all diminished scales.