diminishing returns

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di·min·ish·ing returns

A yield rate that after a certain point fails to increase proportionately to additional outlays of capital or investments of time and labor.

diminishing returns

pl n
1. (Economics) progressively smaller rises in output resulting from the increased application of a variable input, such as labour, to a fixed quantity, as of capital or land
2. (Economics) the increase in the average cost of production that may arise beyond a certain point as a result of increasing the overall scale of production

dimin′ishing returns′

any rate of profit, production, benefits, etc., that beyond a certain point fails to increase proportionately with added investment, effort, or skill.
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There are too simply many shows and diminishing return on investment for each one," was the common sentiment echoed by exhibitors, said FPSA Chairman Scott Scriven.
But there's a distinct whiff of diminishing return as the sequels and body parts pile up.
These efforts have garnered payoffs over the years, but the reality of diminishing return is looming in the not-too-distant future.
In addition to this for any general NAS file serving, it has been shown that as servers are added to the cluster, one receives a diminishing return due to intra-server interaction.
On the other hand, if a tenant purchases a property instead of leasing, the improvements will become an appreciating asset, rather than a diminishing return.
Once a minimum threshold for density is reached and the requirement is met consistently, additional bale weigh and density may have a diminishing return.
There is a point beyond which diminishing returns set in.
Japanese banks have been hit by diminishing returns on loans with the Bank of Japan aggressively driving down interest rates to combat deflationary pressures.
The limiting factor identified in these works is diminishing returns.
WHEN it comes to the law of diminishing returns, the Purge series is now plunging into the same territory as any sequel with the words Paranormal or Amityville in its title.
He said, 'Surely diminishing returns are setting in.