a.1.Small; diminished; diminutive.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The access to ciliate diversity and biogeography is a challenge tasks because they are diminute organisms, difficult to identify (Finlay and Fenchel, 1999), there is a lack of experienced specialists (Foissner, 2006) and a number of species stay encysted for most of their life cycles (Foissner, 2004).
In Amazonia, due to its multiscalar dimension--the imense forest and the diminute cities--that "(...) globalization materializes itself concretely in a place, here one can read/perceive/comprehend the modern world in its multiple dimensions (...)" (Carlos, 1996:15).
Again, it's against the law to mutilate, diminute, et cetera.
1 mm long, antheroids white, diminute, inconspicuous; capsule brown to dark brown ovoid to narrowly ovoid, slightly trigonous, 5-7 mm long, 2-3 mm in diameter, glabrous, reflexed; seeds brown to reddish-brown, fusiform, ca.
The staminodes range from diminute and filiform to very well developed with the appearance of sterile anthers, in some cases containing few pollen grains.
This new species can be distinguished from other congeners by the following combination of characters: parietal peritoneum clear, pericardium white, visceral and hepatic peritoneum white, color in life pale green with diminute yellow spots and, in preservative, cream with small dark melanophores (visible only under magnification), bones white in life, extense webbing, snout round in dorsal view and inclinate in lateral view, dorsal skin granulate anda advertisement call with a fundamental frequency greater than 5000 Hz.
I see diminute farms, hamlets, ruins, graveyards, jails, factories, palaces, hovels, huts of barbarians, tents of nomads upon the surface...
If you want to say Ravelstein is Bloom -- fine; but in so doing you diminute that mysterious process of filtering and re-imagining that is the essence of sleight-of-pen.
Procambial rings, with more rectangular and diminute cells, are observed immersed in the ground meristem (Figure 1a, b, d, e).
Three pairs of diminute anchors, first pair 31 (n=3) long, second pair 27.5 (n=3) long, third pair 25.6-36.6 (31.6, n=4) long (Figs.